My design career began as a child when my mother installed Adobe Photoshop CS1 on the family computer. I created forum signatures, banners for gaming websites, and anything I could get my hands on. Fast forward to college, I graduated with a degree in biology thinking I had to be serious and academic as an adult. I ventured into documentary production, wildlife photography, and carpentry before falling back into my creative pastime.

My workflow focuses on researching user and client needs, iterative wireframing and high-fidelity mockups, and animated interactive prototypes. Designing interfaces allows me to combine my creative and academic skills with an obsessive urge to simplify and organize. I want to create beautiful products that actually add value to people’s lives, rather than distract.

I am a bridge between user experience and development. My extensive college research background gives me the ability to collect, interpret, and validate design decisions based on data. Additionally, I have a broad understanding of HTML, CSS, and web technologies from my years at an IT help desk. 

I am originally from New Hampshire, I went to college in Minnesota, and I have lived everywhere in-between. I am currently working remotely from Serbia. In my free time, I am outdoors, globetrotting, or learning a new skill.